15 Sweet And Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

#15: Messy Pony With A Bouffant And Hair Flowers

The time when fashion dictates what to wear is over. Today it’s fashionable to express your individuality through the items and styles that flatter you personally. It can be a simple messy pony with a bouffant and a cluster of little white roses, a chunky braid or a curly updo.

15 messy pony with a bouffant and hair flowers

Some experts advise doing test runs with your bridal hairstyle and makeup. You may try a few versions of each and choose those you feel most comfortable with. When you try on a few hairstyles you like the most, it’s easier to choose the best option. We wish you to find your perfect dress, hairstyle and accessories to shine with beauty and happiness on your special day!