20 Best Men’s Messy Hairstyle – WOMEN’S PICK!

Kelly, a fashion enthusiast, says she loves the look of tousled hair on top. She says, “I think that this look is very diviner. The way his natural waves fall gently above the brow bone is just entirely too sexy.” It’s quite obvious that a nice natural ‘do is very appealing.

#2: The Refined Faux-Hawk

Aria, a clinical nurse, feels like the refined faux-hawk is what rocks her boat! She says, “Yes! I’m totally feeling this look. The fact that it’s shorter on the sides but relatively long at the top is hot! Yet, it’s not too dramatic in length difference, so it’s more of a refined faux-hawk.” You can’t help but agree that this hairstyle is great!

2 the refined faux hawk
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com