20 Creative Mohawks for Black Men

Seeing a creative black Mohawk on the street today most people do a double take. Years ago, Mohawks were worn on the helmets of warriors or soldiers and were used to mimic raised bird feathers usually seen as a defense mechanism against predators. Fast forward to today, and now, Mohawks are adopted as a hairstyle for everyone. So, let’s take a look at some very interesting and artistic Mohawks!

Black Mohawk Styles for Men

Black men opt for Mohawks when they want to have a tougher and fiercer look. Although modern Mohawks are often more on the faux hawk side because they still feature hair on the sides, these showy hairstyles always make a statement. The following gallery includes some really nice variations on the Mohawk theme worth to be viewed.
Authentic Mohawks with the basic side-shaved pattern always turn heads. People unconsciously believe that only really cool guys, who act and think differently than an average man, can afford spotting a real Mohawk.
Mohawks are loved by sporty guys, rock stars and real macho men. If you are one of them, it’s time to pick your personal style. You can have the sides of your head shaven, closely cut or braided and vary the height of the spikes, their texture and even color. Instead of simply shaving the sides, you may have them patterned. Besides, some of the coolest Mohawks feature fun colors.
If you do not feel like wearing a Mohawk all the time or want to make it less distinct, a fauxhawk is styled easily on the base of a cut with longer top hair and closely cut sides. Use a stronghold texturizer or a stiffening crème and shape the peaks with your fingers in a matter of minutes.
Braided Mohawks are always a feast to the eyes. In men’s hairstyles stylists usually use fun cornrows, running horizontally or vertically to the Mohawk spikes which can be left natural-looking or flat-ironed for a spiky punk look.

#1: Natural Highlighted Hawk with Designs

These natural locks are bleached to create a lighter shade at the ends, and left fairly long, being tapered towards the nape. The side art is shaved into a graffiti-like set of lines. The sideburns are removed completely, and the neckline is cleaned up to blend with the design.

1 black two toned mens mohawk