20 Elegant Hairstyles for Any Formal Occasion

No matter how spontaneous and disheveled you prefer to look in day-to-day life, it’s impossible to avoid occasions when you need to be elegant. Elegant updos and downdos are required for different types of formal events and in office settings. Even if these are rare opportunities in your life, we bet you won’t mind looking elegant once in a while simply for a change. Some of us think that elegant styles can add you years or mistakenly associate them with something strict or restricting like a white shirt and a business jacket. These are just misconceptions. Viewing the following gallery, you are going to see how versatile and inspiring elegant ‘dos can be. So, why not to give them a try?

#13: Undone Braided Updo

Messy buns may seem like a more casual look and an inappropriate option for a formal event, but you’d be surprised by their versatility! When done right, a loose, undone chignon is the perfect accessory for your fancy attire.

13 elegant braided updo for long hair