20 Great Ponytails with Bangs Inspiration Ideas

Some days, the sweetest look you could possibly sport is a nice and casual ponytail with bangs. It’s not too complicated, doesn’t take much time to style once you get the hang of it, and, most importantly, it gives you a great style without looking like you tried too hard.

#4: Double Tied Pony

This look is perfect for long bangs, whether they are on the side or not. Perfect bangs with a pony hairstyle can save your look whenever you’re having a bad hair day or don’t have time to refresh your locks. Also, your hair should be pretty long as well (or feel free to lengthen it with a weave). Tie a half of your hair high and then tie another low ponytail joining these two together. Wrap one strand of hair around the low pony, fixing it in place with a hair pin. This style shouldn’t be too loose or too neat.

4 double tied pony