20 Jaw-Dropping Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyles with loose locks are generally very flattering for round faces. Straight tresses on both sides of your face cover it partially, and it seems narrower. Besides, they create long vertical lines next to your cute full face, elongating it visually to your advantage. Waves and curls also conceal the fullness of a round face, although they shouldn’t make any excessive volume on the sides.

Centre parting is another no-no for round faces. In short, you should avoid any symmetry and rounded shapes in favor of asymmetry and vertical/diagonal lines. It can be, for instance, a long bob with hair tucked behind your ear on one side and long tresses freely falling on your face on the other. So, the two major rules of long hairstyles for round faces are avoidance of centre parting and excessively voluminous ‘dos.

Long Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Highlights in long hair are a good solution for added vertical lines in your hairstyles. Besides, they look very chic and can accentuate your eyes or make your skin look fresher. Highlights are more visible and showy on perfectly straight hair. Therefore, straightening your hair with a flat iron regularly is an optimal styling solution for ladies with round faces. Don’t forget to use thermal protection products.
Celebrities with round faces often sport curls on the red carpet. You can easily recreate this tendency, but remember to keep in mind the following nuances. Curls on long hair for round faces look fabulous if they begin at the mid length or are done only at the ends. At the roots hair needs to be slightly teased. Remember to shy away from excessive volume.

#1: Long Layers with Cappuccino Highlights

Coffee blends work best for those with long dark hair. They also heighten facial features, especially if you’re a fan of dark eyeliner and dark brows. This long, wavy hairstyle incorporates cappuccino highlights and is parted on the far side to create more texture.

1 long layered hairstyle for round face