20 Pink Hair Is HERE you will love to try!

Pink hairstyles are quite popular, and honestly, we love them all! Ready to give one a whirl? Well, here are our top 20 – all just ready and waiting for a daredevil like you! Wear all year round for a warm fuzzy feeling, even on the coldest nights!

Pink Highlights – Romantic, Funky, Delicate and Sophisticated..

Thinking of pink highlights, one usually pictures an image of saccharine Barbie hair, but pink in highlights or ombre can make very different impressions. It all depends on the hues you pick and how you blend them into your base color. Want to see how it can be? Check the pictures below!

#7: Strawberry Fields, Forever, And Ever

Beautiful red hair is a dream for many, and a reality for seemingly few people. That is why it’s so much fun to dye your hair red. It also gets you more attention, which can be fun! This overtone of red on black is quite attractive and is definitely a departure from the normal redhead color!
brown hair with pink ombre highlights