20 Shades of Grey: Silver and White Highlights for Eternal Youth

When you sport a striking color, you tell the world that ’you’ are the designer of your world and why not? Men have got away with grey for years and relish in the term ‘distinguished’. Now ladies, it is your turn to create the hottest fashion statement.

Ask your hairdresser to jazz up your hair with some gray highlights and show off your beautiful crowning glory. Celebrities, models and teenagers are sporting the silver look, so whether you are 16 or 90 take a look at just how transforming and liberating some silver streaks can be.

#18: Long Regal Waves

The sexiness oozes from the tones of blonde, silver and light brown, so expertly blended in this non-trivial look. The waves have that lazy dip that makes them look dishevelled with a dash of bed-head appeal.
red hair with silver ombre highlights