20+ Shaggy Short Haircuts That You Simply Can’t Miss

Modern shaggy haircuts add your look a stylish edgy twist moving your hairstyles to the next level. That why we’ve gathered 20+ Shaggy Short Haircuts for inspiration. These days short hairstyles need to be shaggy to be seen as stylish and modern. The best thing is they make you look younger and can be styled for any occasion. The shag works on nearly every hair texture and in every hair length. You should be careful with the shaggy short haircuts because a hairstyle with too many layers can look dated.

Shag haircuts for fine hair boost volume, and curly shag haircuts are great to settle tenacious frizz. Fine hair cut into shaggy layers is much easier to volumize and you can create a lovely look with curls that frame your face to really bring out your eye color!

Of course, lots of women are afraid to step out the box, by trying on one of these fun styles, but the thing is, life is too short for being afraid of cutting your hair, that’s why you should give it a try. Now check our gallery of gorgeous short shaggy haircuts for inspiration!

22 Shaggy Short Haircuts