20 Short Weave Hairstyles You Can Easily Copy

Short weave hairstyles are sweet, sassy and a whole lot of fun. From bright colors to sexy layers, there are plenty of options when you’re ready for something new. Depending on how natural and discreet or funky and bright you want your hair to look, you may choose a hairstyle from the gallery below that will pleasantly surprise not only you but everyone around.

From varying lengths to a myriad of color options, no two weaves are alike. This makes it a good choice for a black lady who desires something that tells her unique story without adding a lot of hassle or expense to daily life.

#6: Fire Up the Sass

Redheads are known for being fun, feisty and fiery – but going with a day-glo orange makes even more of a statement to the world. This weave is shoulder length, but you can always go longer or shorter depending upon your own personal preference.
Red Sew In Bob Hairstyle