20 Trendy Half Braided Hairstyles

Cute And Effortless Half Braided Hairstyles

A half updo with braids is a beautiful way to begin your morning. You can easily style it yourself. Experiment with different kinds of braids and enjoy the ease and cuteness of your free-flowing locks.

#20: Half Up Half Down French Braided Hairstyle

Who needs a headband when you can make one out of your own hair? Braids are a fun way to experiment with new styles and you can make them look whatever you like, which includes turning them into a headband. In this fun style, you’ll utilize braids to do just that while also pulling half of your hair back.
cute red half up braided hairstyle


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These styles are great examples of how easy and fun half braided hairstyles can be. Try one out and see for yourself!