21 Best Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles

Jumbo box braids are everywhere right now, they’re such a beautiful and versatile way to wear your hair. Also known as box braids, and every now and again, Poetic Justice braids, we guarantee there’s bound to be at least a couple of looks on this list that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Giving you the benefit of being able to protect your own natural hair during the really crappy weather of the winter, there are a hundred and one ways you could wear them. But for now, we’re going to give you 21!

Check out the 21 best jumbo box braids hairstyles we think you’ll love:

6. Dark Brown Jumbo Braids


Instagram / africanhairstyles

This dark, chestnut brown is great for any lady who wants a classic, elegant, beautiful finish to her hair. With everyone having all the bright colours under the sun through their locks, sometimes it’s nice just to go back to basics, back to something classic and comfortable.