21 Bold and Beautiful Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blue hair – we love it and according to everywhere we look, so do you too! With everyone opting for bright and bold, beautiful hair these days, it makes sense to pay a little bit more attention to detail and just one of the ways you can do that is to take your look just that one step further.

We have sourced and located all the info you need to know – how to do it, how to make it last longer, and how to rock the latest styles. It’s all the inspiration you need. So what are you waiting for? Here they are….

11. Blonde to Blue Hair

Would you like stand-out hair? This is the right way to do it – two bold and bright, contrasting colors!


Instagram / markathturn

Blue and blonde work so well together and although this look is more of a dip-dye than an ombre, it definitely deserves a place on this list.

You can achieve this look yourself relatively easily if you want only the ends to be the bright shade. Braid your hair in two sections, piggy tails if you like. The section that has been left free at the bottom of the pony should be dyed and the rest left blonde.

When you wash it out, even things up a little with a quick second helping if you need to (although generally, the scruffy look is in), curl the ends to show things off a little.