21 Bold and Beautiful Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blue hair – we love it and according to everywhere we look, so do you too! With everyone opting for bright and bold, beautiful hair these days, it makes sense to pay a little bit more attention to detail and just one of the ways you can do that is to take your look just that one step further.

We have sourced and located all the info you need to know – how to do it, how to make it last longer, and how to rock the latest styles. It’s all the inspiration you need. So what are you waiting for? Here they are….

15. Blue, Lilac, and Beautiful

Blue and lilac are two shades of hair that go hand in hand together especially if you want to create a frosty or magical look. Think unicorn hair and you have about the right idea. You could even throw pinks and darker purples into the mix for a more enhanced finish.

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Start with a bottle of blue and a bottle of purple. Use blue on the roots and as you travel down to the ends, mix more and more purple into the mix do that at the very ends of the hair, you’re left with the beautiful lilac-silvery finish.

If you want more of a pastel shade than a bright and popping shade, mix a bit of conditioner into the mix for at-home color jobs. It helps to add that dusty, pastel finish.