21 Looks That Will Make You Crazy for Purple Hair

Whether you’re thinking of getting rid of your blue hair or are looking to experiment with a new color for the first time, purple is one of the easiest of all the new, pastel and funky hair colors to rock.

As it fades, purple hair will turn into a beautiful dusky lilac, an almost shimmery-gray hue. This is also very on trend for right now. If you apply a light pink dye over the top of your existing blue, you’ll achieve a wonderful purple shade too. If your silver color goes wrong, you can soon turn the random pastel-lilac strands into a brighter, stronger purple tone.

Essentially purple could be the easiest, hottest color you SHOULD be rocking!

17. Purple On Top, Turquoise Underneath


Instagram / dailyhairfix

It sounds like a color combination that should clash terribly but the truth is, purple and turquoise just go together. Whether you go for the ombre look we mentioned before or this great bi-layered, bi-colored look, they just set each other off perfectly.