21 Stunning Grey Hair Color Ideas and Styles

It has become one of the most unusual of trends but grey or silver hair seems to have become a bit of a “thing” recently. Once upon a time women were expected to hide their grey’s but nowadays, it’s the trendiest color you can rock.

Rocked by the likes of Pink, Kelly Osborne, Rita Ora and even Cara Delavigne, here’s 21 of the hottest grey hair looks you should be aiming for!

17. Perfect “Granny Hair” Look


Instagram / butterflyloftsalon

In order to keep your hair looking just as good as it did the day you walked out of the salon, you’ll need to be prepared to put in a little leg work yourself at home. Using a ‘depositing’ product will help to build up the colors and shades in between the trips to the salon and you can find many of them in drug and beauty stores. It will often look purple in the bottle but it does turn your hair grey! The purple helps to filter out the yellowing in just-bleached hair.