21 Stunning Grey Hair Color Ideas and Styles

It has become one of the most unusual of trends but grey or silver hair seems to have become a bit of a “thing” recently. Once upon a time women were expected to hide their grey’s but nowadays, it’s the trendiest color you can rock.

Rocked by the likes of Pink, Kelly Osborne, Rita Ora and even Cara Delavigne, here’s 21 of the hottest grey hair looks you should be aiming for!

19. Metal Dreams


Instagram / lolaliner

To ensure your hair keeps looking in great condition, make sure you use a good quality conditioner to protect it from all those lightening and bleaching procedures. If you don’t, the hair will dry out, become brittle and may even break and that aside, the color won’t stick to it as well. You need to have good conditioned hair before you start thinking about playing around with this kind of style so if it’s not quite there yet, give your locks a little more TLC and rethink in a few weeks.