21 Stunning Summer Hair Color Ideas

We’re all excited because spring and summer is on its way. What we’re more excited about than the prospect of sun, late nights and lapping up the hot rays, is summer hair.

You need to see these 21 stunning summer hair color ideas that we predict will be HUGE this summer!

14. Dark Brown & Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blondes are great for getting rid of bright and copper tones, a great tip for those who want to go from a darker brown to a lighter blonde without the hassle of going yellow, orange or every other ‘wrong’ color in between.
Ash Blonde Hair Color for Summer

14 Ash Blonde Hair Color for Summer

Instagram / maepaint

Ask your hair stylist for some honey blonde, strawberry blonde, and ash blonde highlights and balayage lowlights to achieve this stunning look. The darker roots also allow for more time between salon trips too… Just saying!