21 Stunning Summer Hair Color Ideas

We’re all excited because spring and summer is on its way. What we’re more excited about than the prospect of sun, late nights and lapping up the hot rays, is summer hair.

You need to see these 21 stunning summer hair color ideas that we predict will be HUGE this summer!

20. Caramel and Golden Blonde Blend

It looks like the best chocolate bar we’ve ever seen but there’s something better than sweet about this caramel and golden blonde blend, perfect for those in-between stages of color and length.
Caramel and Golden Blonde Hair Color Blend

20 Caramel and Golden Blonde Hair Color Blend

Instagram / paintedhair

It’s a great color to accommodate a good cut – the one you have between winter and summer to try and get rid of those nasty split and dead ends left over from the colder weather. You can leave the roots relatively natural, giving you a chance to inject some life back into your hair, and as the ends grow, you can have the lighter shades snipped out.