23 Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Women

Faux hawk is a playful balance of edginess and elegance. It’s wild enough for night outs, classy for dinner parties and chic for an everyday look. The shape of a faux hawk is very flattering. Also, it’s a perfect choice for women who love mohawk style, but don’t won’t to shave off the sides.

Keep reading to see our 23 selected faux hawk hairstyles for women… there are some mind-blowing haircuts and updos that you’ll want to try right away!

10. Messy & Curly Haircut

10 madaboutmeechie

Instagram / madaboutmeechie
This type of haircut will open the sides of your face, revealing your beautiful facial features. Some faux hawks can make you look bold and edgy, but this style is so feminine and elegant. We love how the tresses at the front are longer than the tresses at the back. They are forming a cute, curly bangs that frame her face beautifully.