28 Stunning Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half up and half down hairstyles are the best choice for formal and leisure activities. They look like you spent hours on them, but they're actually very easy to create. In addition, they are suitable for any hair length and facial shape.

Half updos hairstyle is a hairstyle that always draws praise. Soon they will be your latest hobby. Our collection of 28 Stunning Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles will certainly inspire you to do so.

Teased Crown & Soft Curls

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Source: tumblr.com
Sometimes less is more. A simple and smooth bump matched with wavy hair can make an absolutely stunning hairstyle. All you do is curl your hair with a curling iron and wait until the curls cool down. Brush through them with a natural boar grooming brush. This type of brush will help distribute your natural hair oils down to the rest of your hair. The best way to tease your hair and create a bump is with a tail comb. Smooth the tease with a bigger brush, and secure with a few bobby pins.