30 Best Dutch Braid Inspired Hairstyles

Although hair trends are changing to a greater or less extent every season, braided hairstyles always keep a reserved place in them. After a mad popularity of French braids and fishtails which have been all over recently, we all are striving for some fresh takes on the trend. Well, there’s actually nothing new under the sun, but the Dutch or “backwards” French braiding can work pretty well. The Dutch style braiding looks like an inside-out braid that may even appear detachable at first sight. Fear not, it’s not difficult to weave: you’ll master it like a shot. And then it will open for you a full range of new opportunities in unhackneyed braided hairstyles.

#4: Intricate Everyday Updo

Learning how to braid can seem challenging, but once you learn, it’s as easy as riding a bike. The thick blonde braids appear intricate, but with a simple tutorial this spiraled updo will be quite easy to duplicate. The delicate winding bun looks like the petals of a rose, which contrasts well with the edgy braids. This hard and soft pairing is also supported by the combination of the light hair and dark roots.

4 four braids and bun updo