30 Trendsetting Brown Ombre Hair Solutions for Any Taste

Natural brunettes do not lack brightness, but they can add a very stylish twist to their looks with one of creative ombre ideas. With dark hair you can achieve the most low-maintenance ombre solutions if you keep your natural color at the roots. On the other hand, brown hair offers more dramatic coloristic looks, because you can successfully use more than 2 shades. The other thing is taking into account the current tendencies that offer to turn towards naturalness and rock subtler versions of ombre. Anyway, the choice is yours.

#23: Long Caramel Blonde Ombre

The brown ombré hair shows just how stunning and versatile in shades it can be. While there might not be that much styling to this look, it is still perfectly sleek and polished, allowing the ombré highlights to be on full display. There are also some subtle layers placed throughout for movement and definition.

23 long caramel and blonde ombre for dark brown hair