30 Trendsetting Brown Ombre Hair Solutions for Any Taste

Natural brunettes do not lack brightness, but they can add a very stylish twist to their looks with one of creative ombre ideas. With dark hair you can achieve the most low-maintenance ombre solutions if you keep your natural color at the roots. On the other hand, brown hair offers more dramatic coloristic looks, because you can successfully use more than 2 shades. The other thing is taking into account the current tendencies that offer to turn towards naturalness and rock subtler versions of ombre. Anyway, the choice is yours.

#30: Light Brown, Burgundy and Caramel Mix

This look presents a dark brown hair base with burgundy toned roots and caramel highlights -soft and flattering with just a hint of edge. The ends of the hair are styled into chunky curls that are slightly tousled to create a more natural look with a healthy dose of imperfection encouraged in all modern hairstyles.

30 burgundy to light brown ombre with caramel highlights

Okay, these are just a few ideas that inspired me personally. But you can check for more on the Ombre Highlights Page.