31 Goddess Braids Hairstyles for Black Women

Upon first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking these were just cornrows but before you carry on you should know these are not just new cornrow styles, these are goddess braid hairstyles. Those are something different…

Consider to be one of those go-to styles, easy to live with, low-maintenance, etc., it’s a great design to pick when you’re trying to give hair that’s been over-treated or chemically treated, a break for a while.

13. Red Braids

If you thought the blue and purple looked great, and you fell in love with the dirty blonde goddess braids, you’re going to have a fit when you see this look – stunning, beautiful, sexy red braids.
Red Goddess Braids


Instagram / hairbraidingstudio

It’s like Jessica Rabbit got fierce and you know she’d love these red goddess braids if she ever sat down with a decent stylist. What do you think – would you rock red braids? We love them but what about you?