73 Lob Haircut Ideas for Trendy Women

The Lob or long-bob hairstyle is an eternal hairstyle. Some very strong women have made this super-fashionable look popular in the past, while those just over the shoulder have been favored by many women, such as Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor and Louise Brooks.

Although it's short, it's definitely a versatile look, and it's easy to jump up and down with the right styling tools and products. In addition, LOB hairstyle will become one of the hottest hairstyles for 2019.

Here we have collected 73 Lob Haircut Ideas for Trendy Women so that we can find the right way to do it.

6. Layered Lob + Bangs

Don’t go for blunt bangs with a lob if you have a round face because this will only make your face appear wider and rounder. If you do want to have bangs chopped in, make them wispy and swept over to the side.

Layered Long Bob with Bangs


Instagram / buddywporter

Blunt bangs work better on oval face shapes but as you can see here, the look still hasn’t been left overly blunt. It’s more of a shaggy affair which is a great look for when you’re not really sure of how you’re feeling that day. It’s easily recreated and low maintenance. Definitely a great look to try if you’re a lob beginner!