31 Stunning Blonde Balayage Looks

The balayage style is a hairstyle loved and adored by many because of its easy, versatile and low-maintenance nature. It allows for easier growing out of color as well as giving your hair a break when it’s frazzled from over-treating, styling and dying.

Known for creating a beautiful, natural finish when done the right way, the trendy blonde balayage looks you are about to see are classic examples of how easy, simple and elegant the look can be. If you’re thinking of giving this a shot, you should read this… and see these trendy blonde balayage looks we’ve found!

14. High Contrast Blonde Balayage

Who said you couldn’t have light and dark together? This high-contrast blonde balayage look is not only beautifully breath-taking, it’s actually very subtly done.
High Contrast Blonde Balayage
14 High Contrast Blonde Balayage

Instagram / stevievincenthairartistry

You can barely make out the line between the color changes and this is the look you want to achieve especially if you want a high quality balayage look.