31 Stylish Ways to Rock Cornrows

Let’s be honest about this, there are new and improved ways to wear cornrows and braids hitting the hair style scene all the time and just when we think we’re all caught up with the latest styles, there’s a new and better looking one to check out, try and learn.

If you’re looking for some brand new ways to rock cornrows that stand out from the crowd for this year, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

14. Elegant Cornrow Bun

Tying the hair back in a simple bun is a look that we all fall back on each and every day but when you have your cornrows leading into it, just like you can see here, there’s a brand new level added to the look.
Cornrow Updo Bun


Instagram / alamood

A five minute look easily jazzed up or down, it should be your go-to look for when you don’t have time to mess around in the morning. Get ready and go, or just give yourself more time to get your brows on fleek!