31 Trendy Undercut Styles for Bold Women

Undercut styles have been, and still very much are, on-trend right now and there have been a whole host of celebrity names who’ve gone for the chop in this bold and dramatic way.

Kelly Osborne has rocked the look in lilac and black shades too. Miley Cyrus had it for a while. Ke$ha’s worn it, Rihanna’s styled it (multiple times), Sheridan Smith, Ellie Goulding, Jada Pinkett Smith, Scarlett Johannson and more!

21. Long, Black Locks + Blonde Undercut

If you’re going for an undercut, why not make it stand out even further by opting for a dyed undercut – a completely contrasting color to the rest of your hair.


Source: weheartit.com

This one will take a little more maintenance as it won’t be long before the roots are on show but for an event or occasion you could even consider wash-in / wash-out products for a quick update.