35 Braided Buns Re-inventing the Classic Style

Is there a more easy way to freshen up than to make one of braided bun hairstyles? There are quick and casual buns you make in a matter of minutes when you are short on time, and there are stylish variations of braided buns for a romantic date, night out with friends, prom or even wedding. Do you want to look classy and elegant but maximally natural and spontaneous? Then do not look any further than a chic braided bun. We have 35 stellar examples to share.

#16: Cornrows into a Statement Bun

Cornrows have always been a traditional way to tame locks that have a mind of their own. Keeping the strands close to the head gives you control, while the braid of the contrasting color draws attention to the bun. Ready for work or play, this style is classic and can be worn any time in any setting.

16 cornrows and bun for black women