35 Braided Buns Re-inventing the Classic Style

Is there a more easy way to freshen up than to make one of braided bun hairstyles? There are quick and casual buns you make in a matter of minutes when you are short on time, and there are stylish variations of braided buns for a romantic date, night out with friends, prom or even wedding. Do you want to look classy and elegant but maximally natural and spontaneous? Then do not look any further than a chic braided bun. We have 35 stellar examples to share.

#25: Knotted Bun With Mohawk

Another way to express your creativity in hairstyles is to make a row of knots instead of one traditional bun. You can arrange them vertically in a sort of Mohawk updo. Nina Dobrev is here to show off her whimsical knotted fauxhawk. So chic!
25 knotted mohawk updo
HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com