35 Diverse Homecoming Hairstyles for Short, Medium and Long Hair

Homecoming is not a prom, but looking chic is good for both. With homecoming being less formal, you can afford simpler hairstyles, yet they should certainly be special to match your outfit and accessories. We know that you, girls, have different tastes, hair types and lengths, but you all want to look gorgeous at homecoming. Keeping your needs in mind, we’ve selected 35 images with versatile hairstyles of the most currently requested types: stylish updos and effortless downdos, worthy ideas for short hair, and everything with amendments on the current trends. Have a look and feel free to duplicate any style you like.

What to Wear to Homecoming?

A usual problem is how to dress and style your hair so that you look neither overly dressy nor too casual. Being much less formal than prom, homecoming suggests that you rock something cute and chic that makes you look unobtrusively stylish and rather spontaneous than well-prepared and pointedly glamorous. So, what hairstyle to wear to homecoming?

Generally, these are the same variations on updos, downdos, half up half down dos and free flowing styles you’d wear to a prom but in their more casual interpretations. To be more specific, here are the ideas:

Messy updos. Intricate, whimsical, loose and done without a comb, such updos appear perfectly spontaneous and very appealing!
Side hairstyles. Paired with asymmetric tops or gowns, side hairstyles help you to create a super stylish image that is really hard to look away.
Braids. Being rocked everywhere, including the red carpet, braids are no longer a banal hairstyle of schoolgirls. You can have them really fancy and chic. Check the photos below.
Ponytails. These are a trend of the year, besides, there are many ideas of chic timeless hairstyles you can create on the basis of a ponytail. Even if you opt to keep it simple, make a ponytail with a light bouffant, and you’ll instantly win all the possible style points.

Trendy Ideas of Homecoming Hairstyles

#1: Curled and with Color

1 half up curled formal hairstyle for long hair