35 Diverse Homecoming Hairstyles for Short, Medium and Long Hair

Homecoming is not a prom, but looking chic is good for both. With homecoming being less formal, you can afford simpler hairstyles, yet they should certainly be special to match your outfit and accessories. We know that you, girls, have different tastes, hair types and lengths, but you all want to look gorgeous at homecoming. Keeping your needs in mind, we’ve selected 35 images with versatile hairstyles of the most currently requested types: stylish updos and effortless downdos, worthy ideas for short hair, and everything with amendments on the current trends. Have a look and feel free to duplicate any style you like.

#9: Fancy Updo

Whether your hair is curly or straight, this updo will look gorgeous. The longer your hair is, the more intricate you can make this style. Play with different braids, loops and buns until you get the signature style you desire.

9 curly updo with a chain braid