40 Awesome Jazzed Up Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Every woman wants to see her hair styled easily yet with chic. We are thrilled with elaborate-looking dos which in reality are pretty simple. Fishtails are among them. You can wear them relaxed and sloppy, sleek and tight, wrapped around your head or twisted in a bun, blended with a pony or left loose on the cushion of luxurious locks. Fishtails adjust themselves to your type of hair and may look very versatile accordingly. Celebrities have been pleasing us with very memorable and distinct braided looks, and we couldn’t pass them without attention. Today braided hairstyles are being rocked at weddings, proms, parties, romantic dates and in every day life. Whether you have already tried them or not, you’ll find useful braiding tips and interesting ideas of braided hairstyles to adopt from the gallery below.

#34: Let it Go Fishtail Braid

We know, we know, everyone is probably sick of hearing about Queen Elsa and her hair. But this is too good of a reference to pass up. Here we have not one, but two fishtail braids! Loosely curled hair is swooped up and over the top of the head to be gathered into a braid that feeds into another braid for a soft Ice Queen look.

34 curly blonde hairstyle with two fishtails