40 Best Variations of a Medium Shag Haircut for Your Distinctive Style

Medium shag haircuts, what can be more popular these days? Today not only celebrities, but also every woman who wants to look modern and trendy opts for a shag haircut. If you still haven’t taken advantage of a haircut like this, it’s simply because you are not aware of an immense potential that stands behind it. You can create truly unparalleled looks, styling your shag. Our bright collection of photos will provide you with the right impression of a shag haircut and offer some brilliant ideas you can use personally for yourself.

#7: Pretty Pink Medium Shag

By now you’ve been bombarded with pictures of fearless women rocking cotton-candy hair colors and funky, brightly hued locks. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. If you’re not onboard with dyeing your entire head pink, take baby steps and add sporadic pink panels throughout your hair.

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