40 Breezy Crown Braid Hairstyles for Summer

Face it: pulling your hair up during the summer is a necessity—especially if you want to enjoy the sunshine. Crown braids are the answer. The great weather may have you sweating (or shall we say glistening), but this great hairstyle will cool you off!

This cool crown braid sets itself apart from the rest thanks to its pointedly messy style and delicate rose buds, used as hair accessories. To begin, two crown plaits are loosely braided and then some tiny individual strands are pulled from the braided crown to create the messy look. Finally, medium-sized flowers are placed here and there for a lovely finishing touch.

#2: Chunky Crown Braid with a Bouffant

If you’d like a little drama with your braided crown, then perhaps this heavily teased version is a good idea for you to try. In this case, the chunky braided crown doesn’t go all the way around the head. Instead the braids gather in the back to form a sort of a braided chignon. The teased crown is the tallest point of this look, and it is perfectly smoothed with just the right height. The final touch is a few tendrils that escape the sides to frame the face.

2 crown braid and bun updo with a bouffant