40 Charming Short Fringe Hairstyles for Any Taste and Occasion

These days many women on the go prefer short hairstyles with fringe. They are easy to style at home and there’s always a solution to flatter your face shape and enhance the beauty of your facial features. Our review includes short haircuts and hairstyles with short and elongated bangs, interesting hair color solutions and hair texture ideas for straight and curly hair. You will be surprised at how different you may look with short hair, changing the style and length of your fringe.

#32: Thick Cropped Poker Straight Fringe

Rooney Mara’s fringe is ideal for brunettes with dramatic looks. Women with dramatic appearance have faces with predominance of straight vertical and horizontal lines – eye-brows and eyes, lips, facial contours. The strict horizontal bangs flatter such faces immensely! The actress often pairs this statement type of bangs with a low pony or a sleek knot at the nape and bright red lips, of course!
32 thick cropped poker straight fringe
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com