40 Cute and Cool Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Being a teenager it’s hard to look improper. Whether you opt to rock a half-shaved punk style, a razor haircut or an Emo look, that’s all fine, as long as you are a teenager. 12-18 y.o is the best period for experiments, changes of styles and trying on new extraordinary looks. Most people don’t ever feel again as much freedom in self-expression as they did when they were teenagers. We’ll give you a few bright ideas on simple hairstyles for short, medium and long hair you can wear to school or in your free time.

#33: Descending Braid

This hairstyle is similar to a traditional French braid, only it descends diagonally down across the head. Add in a flower clip or ribbon for extra pizzazz. If you have longer hair, this will work best. Shorter hair will likely give you too many flyaways.

33 diagonal braid and side pony hairstyle for girls