40 Cute Updos for Natural Hair

Updos for natural hair can seem like a dream come true when the temperature is climbing and heat styling becomes the dreaded moment of every day. Most of us have been anxiously awaiting summer weather all year long, but humidity or aggressive sun can impair both your hairstyle and your hair health. What’s a girl to do? Put away the heat tools and save some time in the morning by trying one of these simple updos on your natural hair.

#26: Flat Twists and Caramel Coils

Here’s a lovely style if you like a wild touch to your looks, and easy to maintain as well once you have it done. Braid a few side cornrows or flat twists and pile your curls on the top of your head to keep the Mohawk-like bunch of short natural hair pinned up neatly on the top.

26 curly updo with twists for black curly hair