40 Layered Bob Styles: Modern Haircuts with Layers for Any Occasion

We wonder if there’s any girl or woman out there who has never tried a bob haircut. With a variety of lengths and finishes, there’s, for sure, a bob that flatters your face and suits your hair type. Modern on-trend bobs opt for layering that works for the increase or reduction of volume and makes the overall look chic and present-day. The other thing is when choosing an appropriate cut, we always think of how we are going to style it. Making a stake on low-maintenance, ease and up-to-date looks, more and more celebrities and bloggers are rocking stylish bob hairstyles with grading, highlights and natural-looking finishes. Why not to follow the examples of the most renowned trend-setters in this matter? Anyway, there’s a full gallery of chic bob styles here with all the modern twists you can imagine. So, feel free to join!

#22: Posh and Pearlescent

Have you ever looked at a black pearl and noticed that it is black in some places and silver in others? Depending on the light and the angle, it can look different every time you see it. That is the color inspiration for this truly unique hair color that alternates between shades of silver, gray and blue. Since this style is so exclusive, keep everything else neutral to have the focus on your strands.

22 chinlength layered bob with side bangs