40 Skin Fade Haircuts/ Bald Fade Haircuts

We all want to have hairstyles that are sure to beat the heat, be low-maintenance and stylish! Obviously, it’s a no brainer that the less hair you have on your head, the longer you will be able to last out in the hot sun, handling business and having fun! This article is going to give you ideas about skin fade/bald fade haircuts that you can rock this season!

#21: Bald Fade Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut can look like a simple buzz cut in which the entire hair is cut to about an eighth of an inch long. The hair is visible but very low. The best thing about this haircut is that it is very low maintenance and easily done!
21 bald fade caesar cut
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#22: High Top Fade

The high top fade is an awesome choice for those who like to have a little extra length on top. It also works very well for those who want to grow mass amounts of facial hair like full beads. The contrast from the top and the shaved sides provides a beautiful canvas for facial hair.
22 high top fade
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#23: Traditional Line Up

A traditional line up is a type of skin fade that is common amongst ethnic men. It basically includes the razored hair line to maintain either a square or rounded shape. Meanwhile, the actual length of the hair is kept to a minimum.
23 traditional line up
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#24: Faded Upsweep

The faded upsweep is a very quirky and cool style for men that brings attention to the eyes and bone structure in the face. With a dramatic contrast between the clean sides and high upsweep, you really make a statement.
24 faded upsweep
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#25: Side Swept Skin Fade

The side-swept look is great for those who want a devilish aesthetic while keeping the hair to a minimum. You can keep the length at the top and casually sweep it to a side while your sides remain clean.
25 side swept skin fade
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#26: High Top Waves with Side Part

The high top waves with a side part are a lovely choice for ethnic men who want to keep it classy for a formal or professional setting. This is not your everyday hair cut. Yet, it really makes you shine when worn correctly.
26 high top waves with side part
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#27: Heavy Gradient

A heavy gradient skin fade is essentially a type of haircut when the hair is allowed to gradually transition from very dark or thick to a slightly tapered cut. It is very simple and it grows out evenly so it is very low maintenance.
27 heavy gradient
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#28: Slicked Back High Top

This slick high top is well worth trying due to its sexy formality. When you prefer to keep the top hair slightly longer, it is great to make good use of hair gel because it will have your hair setting nice and smooth.
28 slicked back high top
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#29: High Top Widows Peak Skin Fade

The high top widow’s peak is a good fit for men who are starting to slightly recede at the hairline. The hair on top is short enough to maintain a neat look and long enough to show off some texture and contrast with the closely clipped sides.
29 high top widows peak skin fade
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#30: Polished Fade

This well-polished hairdo does well to fit any face shape. The lines are clean and the gradient cut is on point. This is workable for any occasion!
30 polished fade
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#31: Simple Buzz Cut

This simple buzz cut works on all hair types. It is a quick and easy fix for those men who prefer to keep it simple with their skin fade. It’s also very low maintenance. Because everything is basically kept to the same length, you don’t have to worry about awkward choppiness once it grows out.
31 simple buzz cut
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#32: Box Top Haircut with Side Part

The box top and round high top hairstyles were a hit trend in the 90’s, and they are making their way back on to the fashion scene! This is awesome for those with afro hair textures. It is the black man’s answer to an upsweep! On top of that, it really makes a bold fashion statement.
32 box top haircut with side part
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#33: Tapered Mini Afro with Side Part and Skin Fade

This is not your traditional skin fade hair cut because only the temples are slightly faded. The rest is a small, well rounded afro with a dashing side part. This looks best on men with wider face shapes but could potentially work on anybody! It’s a crazy cool hairdo.
33 tapered mini afro with side part and skin fade
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#34: Sleek Fade with Side Part

The sleek hairdo with a side part is very handsome and does well to suit mature men. It is very polished and put together, while allowing you the freedom to get a little messy. With a good comb and some hair gel, you can rule the world! Or if you wanted to just rock it natural, the hair would fall in a very casual but cute way.
34 sleek fade with side part
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#35: Messy Fade

This messy fade is great for those guys who want a chill, low maintenance hairstyle that still looks nice. For this style, it is good if you have natural straight hair to encourage the spikiness. Ruffle the top of your hair with a product every morning to make sure it has that tousled appearance.
35 messy fade
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#36: Dramatic Upsweep with Faded Sides

This dramatic style is awesome for edgy guys with a stand alone personal style! With nearly bald sides and a heavy upsweep at the top, this is bound to say something about you. It will say that you know you’re hard core and you don’t care about anyone else’s perception of your style choices!
36 dramatic upsweep with faded sides
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#37: Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle with Faded Sides

This wavy side swept style with faded sides is a perfect choice for men who like to look just a little scruffy, but it is tasteful at the same time. If you choose not to sweep it to the side you can allow the hair to do its own thing and wear it confidently as such!
37 wavy side swept hairstyle with faded sides
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#38: Dark Temple Fade

A dark temple fade is a hairstyle where the top of the hair is allowed to grow in dark to about ¼ of an inch. A gradual fade begins starting from the temples around to almost nonexistent sides. It is very fitting on men of color!
38 dark temple fade
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#39: Basic Fade

This basic skin fade is a good style for men who go to a variety of events. Because of its simplicity, it can work for formal occasions, the office or the basketball court!
39 basic fade
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#40: Triple Layer Fade

This triple layer fade is very dramatic but divinely handsome! The top of the head is kept very dark, the middle is kept low but visible and the nape is nearly bald. But, it provides such a cool gradient that very few can pull it off as well as Ludacris!
40 triple layer fade
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Now that you have seen all 40 images with bald-skin fade haircuts, you may go out and choose which one is right for you. There is a vast variety that serves a wide array of appearance types. It is very possible that one of the hairstyles mentioned in the article could be your next go-to hair cut!