40 Upscale Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Typically, a Mohawk is perceived to be a very outlandish and rebellious hairstyle. However, there are so many ways that men can rock a Mohawk that it is impossible to narrow the hairstyle to such a limited spectrum. They can be worn formally and casually. This article is going to show you 40 different ways to wear a Mohawk!

#17: Rainbow Colored Low Mohawk

This Mohawk haircut is perfect for festival-goers, who want to really stand out in a crowd. The Mohawk itself has been styled short and combed back, into a spiky look. Then, it was divided into four distinct sections, which were dyed in the model’s favorite colors: green, red, and blue. You, of course, can opt for whatever dye combination you like. Pro tip: this is a very creative way to show support for your favorite soccer club.
17 multicolored short Mohawk