50 Best Eye-Catching Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Beautiful long hair is a dream of every woman. In chase for this dream we extend our hair, use sew-in-weaves, buy expensive vitamins for hair growth and God knows what else are ready to do. Most Afro-American women are naturally blessed with beautiful long hair. If you are one of them, you should know how to present your treasure in the best light.

Probably you already know which hairstyles suit you the most. But tendencies change, and it’s important to keep up with them. Here are 50 most stunning black women long hairstyles. The following images are breathtaking and worth imitating. You don’t necessarily have to make an exact copy of them, while borrowing some nice ideas would be inspiring for any woman.

#9: Long Marley Twists

Similar to box braids, Marley twists are a protective style that is ideal for low maintenance ladies. The only difference—outside of the braiding pattern—is the type of hair used. These twists tend to be lighter and pull less on your natural hair than the braids would.

9 half updo with Marley Twists