50 Best Short Wedding Hairstyles That Make You Say “Wow!”

What can be more important for a future bride than the choice of a wedding dress? Only the choice of a wedding hairstyle! On the big day any bride wants to be beautiful, stylish, stunning and look so in the wedding photos. An idea of a wedding hairstyle as of something voluminous, lacquered and adorned with a wedding veil, is just a stereotype. If you are used to wearing a stylish short haircut, that doesn’t mean you’ll fail to fit into a standard image of a bride. Wedding fashion tendencies change to a greater or lesser degree every year. Thus, contemporary short hairstyles amaze us with a plenty of interesting ideas. Let us share with you 50 pictures with stunning examples of the latest bridal hairstyles for short hair.

#39: Vintage Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Such a hairstyle will definitely add charm to the bride’s look. To recreate this lovely ‘do, you need to divide your locks with a side parting and apply some styling foam throughout. Next, shape the curls with a medium-barrel curling iron… And work on the bangs, styling them into a shapely wave that will blend with the mass of other curls. In the end fix the hairstyle with hair spray.

39 vintage locks