50 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles

French braid hairstyles are timeless classics and they’re picture perfect for so many occasions. From classy affairs in the evening and weddings to relaxed days around town, French braids, fishtails, and Dutch braids will accompany and complement your every outfit. All you need to do is to master a few braiding techniques and then get a bit creative.

Fresh French Braid Upgrades

Most of the following styles with French braids are quite easy to do yourself. So, don’t put off a great opportunity to diversify your daily looks with some creative and truly inspiring braided ideas!

#1: Effortless Side Braid

Who says you have to braid all of your hair? It’s easy to do a side braid, even in the French style. It helps to have an extreme part, but it all depends on the look you want. This is one of the easiest French braid hairstyles for long and medium-length hair.
1 long sideswept hairstyle with a side braid