50 Most Delightful Short Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair? A blessing or a curse? If your hair is naturally straight, you certainly envy all those curly beauties, while they are breaking their heads over how to style wavy hair, that is, by the way, not always so neat and fun as it may seem on photos. Another question is whether short haircuts are compatible with wavy hair. Many women are tempted to cut their naturally curly hair shorter for summer but hesitate, wondering if they are going to have issues with styling. We have gathered the best examples of short hairstyles, recommended by stylists for wavy hair. View the pictures below, enjoy and get inspired!

#36: Modern Curly Crop

The naturally curly locks are given new life with expert definition. The perfection of tight curls is glamorous, modern, and vintage all at the same time. It’s more appealing when curls are kept in place without looking stiff, so allowing some wisps to fall on to the forehead balances out the look with softness and effortlessness.

36 short black curly hairstyle