60 First-Rate Shades of Brown Hair

Shades of brown hair are no less exciting or intriguing than blonde shades. Hot chocolate, iced coffee, icy cappuccino… No, this is not a coffee shop menu. These are shades of brown dyes for hair. We have sorted out the most interesting hair color ideas for brown-haired ladies. If you are a blonde, but want to try light brown hair shades, we have fabulous bronding ideas for your locks. Girls and women with warm skin tone may try golden brown shades. And brunettes are welcome to refresh their color with rich dark brown hues and alternative reddish purple tones.

#40: Fiery Red Shades of Brown Hair

Sara Rue is hard to pass by without casting a second glance. The curvaceous figure, sweet smile, and bright reddish brown hair shade attract attention and evoke curiosity. If you don’t mind some extra popularity, a radiant smile, and an eye-catching hair color are the things everyone can afford.

40 fiery red shades of brown hair for sara rue
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com