60 First-Rate Shades of Brown Hair

Shades of brown hair are no less exciting or intriguing than blonde shades. Hot chocolate, iced coffee, icy cappuccino… No, this is not a coffee shop menu. These are shades of brown dyes for hair. We have sorted out the most interesting hair color ideas for brown-haired ladies. If you are a blonde, but want to try light brown hair shades, we have fabulous bronding ideas for your locks. Girls and women with warm skin tone may try golden brown shades. And brunettes are welcome to refresh their color with rich dark brown hues and alternative reddish purple tones.

#50: Almost Black Shade of Brown Hair

This brown is the closest neighbor of black, and at first sight we can really take it for black. On second thought, we realize that this hue is more complicated and prospective. It flatters Zoe Saldana’s dark brown eyes, accentuates her tan and makes her overall look very exquisite.

50 splendid brown black hair hue of zoe saldana
DFree / Shutterstock.com