60 Most Gorgeous Mohawk Hairstyles of Nowadays

The mohawk is a top favorite hairstyle for men and women. Originally it suggests that you shave the sides of your head, leaving a stripe of hair, running from the center of your forehead to the back of your head. Today the original version of the mohawk isn’t used so broadly, especially by women. We have other genius types of this hairstyle, for example, the fauxhawk, that actually has the same idea but looks much more appealing, because no shaving is required. You simply make your sides sleek, whether it’s short hair, braiding or hair, raised up in an updo. Anyway, if you are a fan of the traditional mohawk, we are sure you know how to present it in the best light. In this article we want to show you how versatile mohawks and fauxhawks can be. You can create so many looks, each one of which will be absolutely exceptional.

Do Mohawks Suit Everyone?

Well, it opens the sides of your face, revealing beautiful cheekbones and the jawline, simultaneously creating volume on top. That’s why if your face is broad, let’s say very round or typically square, the mohawk isn’t the best option for you, because in this case you need to cover the sides of your face with curls or straight tresses, elongating your face and creating an illusion of a perfect oval. Likewise, if your face is oblong, any additional volume on top will make it even longer. So for you it’s also better to consider more flattering hairstyles, like those creating any horizontal lines (bangs, waves, curls, width on the sides of your face, etc.)
The mohawk is pretty universal, meaning you can look bold and even aggressive with some versions of the mohawk, while others make you more feminine and sexy. You can play with color accents, style your tresses straight, weave them, braid and much more. Below you will find a set of images with very different looks, suitable for all ages, hair lengths, hair types and personal preferences.

#1: Messy Hawk for Women

1 messy hawk for women