Braided Ponytail Ideas: 40 Cute Ponytails with Braids

Braided ponytails can be worn with anything. You can wear them to formal engagements, like your friend’s wedding, or to your laid back weekend outings, like your neighbor’s barbeque. There are braids and tails for every occasion! Whatever events you have coming up, be sure to look through our 40 ponytails with braids and pick out the perfect one for you.

#38: Floating Long Braid

A floating braid has an ethereal quality that would be perfect for a hopeless romantic on a first date. Women who want to maintain length in their ponytails will enjoy this because there is minimal shrinkage as opposed to tighter styles. This hairdo may be hard to complete on your own unless you have major skills, so don’t be afraid to ask a friend.
38 braided ponytail for long hair